Starting a New Year

I always look at the new year with such possibility and try my best to forget all of the past year’s mistakes. This year I am trying new things, being a little more organized and crossing my fingers that everyone stays healthy and passes all their classes in school.

I was asleep, of course. before 9:00 pm on New Years Eve. This isn’t anything unusual. My family knows that I will crash early but will always be up early for that first cup of coffee and to make them breakfast.

My lucy moment came yesterday as I was taking down all of the Christmas decorations. My hubby was going to take down the outside lights that the 16 year old son hung. I know they were up there very well. He just used the plastic clips that attached to the shingles so I just gave them a little tug. And boy was I right. They all fell, in a little line like dominos, all the way around the house. It was cut but when some hit, they hit in some muddy ground which caused a bit more clean up. Oh well, one holiday done…now on to the next.