I have three great nephews.  Yes, they are wonderful but they are my nephew’s sons, making them my great nephews.  Anyway, we are close and I do things for them that grandmothers do so this year I got the great idea that I wanted to make their Halloween costumes.  Cody (5 years old) and I searched the internet for the perfect costume.  He found a bat costume that looked easy enough so I said ok for him.  Next, Steven (3 years old) went along with Cody.  Yes, two bat costumes, one kid to go.  Nathan (7 years old) wanted to be a football player.  Easy enough, he plays football which meant no work for me.

That was in September.  I had plenty of time to get things together.  I bought black pants and shirts that they could wear again.  Knit caps to sew the ears onto.  Then, Steven decides he wants to be Elmo.  Some quick talking turned him around but then he starts telling everyone that he is going to be a baseball bat.  Not exactly what we had planned.  I still went with the black bats.

After I had all the supplies purchased, Nathan calls.  He wants to be a pumpkin.  OK, not sure I want my almost 8 year old nephew being a pumpkin but if that’s what he wants ok.  I start looking for a costume to make on the internet and I cannot find one that does not involve alot of sewing, a skill that I do not possess.  So I start talking, don’t you want to be a bat like your brothers and success, I finally convince him.

Off I go to get another set of black clothes and another umbrella for the wings.  My hubby and I start to take apart the umbrellas just as the instructions say, however, i can’t find the printed ones and I can’t find it on the internet again.  So I improvise, the one trait my hubby absolutely dispises.  He cuts the metal strips of the umbrella leaving sharp edges that cut him.  Hubby not so happy with me.  He gets them done and I start taping the strips with black tape to cover them up.  And when the are done, they are adorable.

School Parades for Steven are on Wednesday and Thursday.  I want to take pictures of the little bat.  I look around, no bat.  He decided he was going to wear the fisherman costume that the other boys had worn when they were little.  He was a cute fisherman with his little rubber boots and hat.

But then the big day came.  Halloween.  I love it.  The big boys put there costumes on and Steven decided he would too.  Something wasn’t right.  The wings dropped down their back and the front collar pulled up so much that it looked like they were chocking.  Oh no, the umbrella with the tape was so heavy that it weighted the back of the shirt down.  I can fix this, I thought.  I took a piece of ribbon and pinned it to the top of the wings and wrapped it around their chest and back to the pin.  It seemed to work fine.  Then I pinned the wings to the cuffs to the sleeves.  Steven’s was fine.  His wings were smaller and didn’t have the metal strips at the side where they pinned to the shirt.  He was flying in no time.  Nathan and Cody, well, pinning the wings to the cuffs of their shirts didn’t work because they couldn’t move their arms.  It was so funny watching zombie bats.  Their arms would go up and down but the metal strips wouldn’t let them bend at the elbow. 

Once again I fixed it by pinning it above the elbow but my lack of planning and keeping up with the print outs kills me every time.

In the end, the boys look great, we had a good time and we all had a good laugh.