James loves breakfast.  He always has.  And now that he is old enough to let loose in the kitchen, he makes his own. 

As I was leaving for work, he announced that he was going to have pancakes.  I don’t buy pre-packaged baking mixes anymore so I told him where to find the recipe and left.

A few minutes later I get a phone call.  ‘What is shortening?’ he asks.  I told him what is was and where to find it.  I was even nice enough to tell him to melt it in the microwave before added it to the mix.  We hang up and of course, the phone soon rings again, ‘we don’t have any eggs!’  I couldn’t help but laugh and it was a laugh he didn’t appreciate at all.  Yes, I used the last of the eggs and didn’t remember it when he made the pancake announcement. 

Well what could he use in place of eggs and I had no idea and then bam…use the internet to figure it out.  So he did, what a smart boy he is.  He found a recipe almost identical to the one he was using but without the eggs.

After awhile of not hearing from him, I wanted to know how they turned out.  He said they were really good but kind of dry.  I offered that I was sorry about the eggs and then he tells me that they probably would have been better if he hadn’t forgotten the shortening in the microwave.

Yep.  I bet you needed lots of syrup on those dry pancakes.

I hope you have the best of days!