It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

Picture 064Playing with Max, the schnauzer last night.  I’d throw the ball, he’d run after it.  You know the usual stuff,  until he gets tired of playing.  I bend over to pick him up right at the exact moment that he decides to jump up for me.  Bam…I learned a long time ago in science class that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, meaning his head and my face.  This little 25 pound dog knocked me back a few feet and then I saw the blood.  Mine, not his.  The collision busted my lips and my cheek was trobbing.  Worst of it all, this little 1/2″ cut wouldn’t stop bleeding and Max ran and hid like he had done something wrong because of all the panic, ‘grab a towel’, ‘check his head’, ‘make sure you still have all of your teeth’, that one was the most important from the hubby, I’m sure.

Finally the bleeding stopped, and so did the pain.  I’m sure the vodka didn’t hurt.  And we settled in for a nice evening,  not even considering what would happening this morning.  I’ve never been in a fight so I didn’t know that your lip could swell to twice to three times it’s size or that it could bruise from your lip to your cheek.  Thought twice about the vodka so early in the morning and decided on over the counter pain meds instead.

Fun times…