I love kids.  Well let me say that I love young kids, children, babies.  When they become teenagers they need to find another place to live.  Birth to 3 years old is amazing and a miracle.  Something new happening everyday. 

Three Year to Five, wow…what an adventure.  You look in their eyes and you know they’ve got it.

Five to Ten, well they get a little mouthy and think they know it all.  Actually that starts at about 2 but you can calm it down until now with they really, really know it all.

Ten to Thirteen is when the social skills start and they worry about what friends will think.  Am I cool enough, do I wear the right clothes, do I hang out with the right people.  Little do they know that none of that matters.

And then…the dreaded teenage years.  Dating,  driver’s license, prom, SATs, college visits and everyday life.  Nobody told me that when I became a parent I would have to deal with this. 

I’ve dealt with a male and a female and let me express my opinion, males are much easier to deal with.  Take hormones out of the equation and you can actually talk to them.

I love my kids both equally and it is so funny that too kids raised in the same environment can be so completely differently.  I never, in a million years thought my son would be the responsible one and yet, at 17, he seems to be.

Who knows what the future holds for them.  I’ll let you know.


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