Just another day

So much for everyone staying healthy.  Daughter came home from visiting her boyfriend in Ohio with something more than a cold but not quite the flu and over a week later it is still holding on.  Hubby has a what the doctor called a sinus infection but he feels so bad and has no energy.  And I thought I was the last hold out but Friday it all came crashing down.

What happens when the care taker can’t take care.  It a sad, sad situation.  But the troops rallied and we all took care of each other, sort of.  I don’t even remember yesterday.  I slept and slept. 

Today, I made myself get up and shower.  I have responsibilities and obligations besides that, the dogs have a grooming appointment and if you miss you have to pay anyway.  So what better motivation do I need.

Things to do…

Take dogs to groomer

Go to store for more meds and tissues

Make soup


I think that covers it.

Have a good day….Live well, Laugh often, Love much!


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